Curriculum Vitae

Friedrich Michael Schreiber

Born in Wolfenbuettel, September 21st, 1959.

Apprenticeship to Furniture Restorer from 1977 to 1980.

Work as a freelance furniture restorer and antiques dealer (specialized in Biedermeier period) in Braunschweig (Brunswick) and Berlin since 1981.

  • Numerous remittance work for well-established companies and families
  • Intensive collaboration with well known antique dealers and auction houses
  • Various publications in professional journals

From 2004 on, Schreiber immersed into creation of objective sculptures.

  • Commitment of sculptures ‚Waldgoetter’ final appearance and its materials
  • Completion of „The Submissive“, first in the „Waldgoetter“ series
  • Further artistic expressions in form of „The Sage“, „The Unicorn“, „The Companion“ and many more
  • Until today, 45 pieces of art have been created. ‚Waldgoetter’ found their new homes in various locations with private buyers or in public spaces in Germany and all over the world.
  • The „Waldgoetter“ have also been exhibited at various exhibitions, show rooms, events and appeared also in TV features.

Publications in books and magazines

  • Berlin in the glory of the night – Detlef Bluhm, be.bra Verlag
  • Berlin at the corner of Schönhauser – Eberhard Klöppel, Lehmstedt Verlag
  • 111 most beautiful shops in Berlin – Patricia Schmidt Fischbach, Emons Verlag
  • Woman Art on the move – Ulrike Herbst, Busse Verlag
  • Best craftmanship – Hanne Bahra and Axel Nickolaus, Neuer Umschau Buchverlag
  • We are Family – AD Plus, Condé Nast Verlag

Reports and documentations on television

  • Arte, 3sat, RBB Berlin

Fairs and exhibitions

  • Gallery Wahrenberger, Rainstraße 1, CH-8808 Pfäffikon since 2018
  • Lausanne Art Fair Expo Beulieu 2. – 5.5.2019
  • Art Luxemburg 6. – 9.12.2018
  • Art & Antik Salzburg autumn 2018
  • Chiaro Scuro – The Gallery at the Monestery, Rye, East Sussex, UK 2017 – 2018
  • Pop Up Gallery, Schlieder Consulting, Frankfurt 2017
  • Thomas Greb exhibitions in Loveforest and Berlin 2016
  • Sternhaus exhibitions in Wolfenbüttel 2002 – 2015

Current exhibition

October 19 – 21, 2018
Gallery Wahrenberger
LAUSANNE ART FAIR Expo Beaulieu, Ave Bergières 10, 1004 Lausanne